The following data shows the use of flexi-guide by visitors and registered users. The results are the summation since going live of flexi-guide on 01.09.2013.

General statistic

  • Number of requested pages: 5541462

Activities by visitors

  • Number of displayed search results: 2530198
  • Numer of requested profiles: 4156802
  • Number of ratings: 19
  • Number of newsletter applications: 9870

Activities by restaurant

  • Number of entered profiles: 746
  • Number of entered branches: 316
  • Number of findable addresses: 1062
  • Number of pictures: 2185
  • Number of menu cards: 425
  • Number of entered sample dishes: 1096
  • Number of commets on ratings: 3

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flexi-guide – International restaurant guide and hotel finder for flexitarians, vegetarians, vegans and allergy sufferers and people who  prefer food with organic ingredients or issued from sustainable farming