Information about flexi-guide

Why is it important to sign up on flexi-guide?

  • Because due to its needs one does not seek the internet by the usual way and thus cannot find you. The usual guides are not equipped with specific search information.
  • Because anyone who wants to find a restaurant for a mixed group with flexitarians, vegetarians and maybe vegans or allergy sufferers only need to search at one place.
  • Because it is not necessarily clear to guests that you offer a fresh, local, healthy cuisine; Convenience food is ubiquitous. Thus you also behave climate-friendly and support the regional economy. Share this with your future customers by your profile on flexi-guide.
  • Because when browsing your menu card no indication is noticed that you offer meatless and allergen-free dishes or cook to order. The information that the sustainable use of resources is important to you is missing too.
  • Because you can give needed information without additional effort to allergy sufferers, as you offer homemade food and therefore know the used ingredients. Show this information on flexi-guide!
  • Because you behave climate-friendly with your offer of dishes without meat, fish or seafood. Draw attention to this with your profile on flexi-guid!
  • Because it's extremely difficult in several beautiful places and countries to find catering business serving creative meatless dishes. Be found by the target audience of flexi guide!
  • Because the visitors of flexi-guide are connected in large an active networks and will recommend your business.
  • Because people dealing carefully with themselves and their environment mostly are well-educated and well-funded consumers. Guests who are willing to spend a little more for good quality.

Climate and meat – what does that have to do with flexi-guide?! Here is the answer.

flexi-guide is young, we still build it up; but one already talks about us: Who talks about flexi-guide?

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Another restaurant guide, why is this one better than others?!

That's right, actually there are already a lot of restaurant guides and other lists. Unfortunately these are mainly not very useful. They show not much more than an address, link to website, possibly a bad photo taken by a guest. Most of the entries are not made by the owners of the catering businesses but by the site users. Only the reviews are interesting and give a picture of the restaurant or hotel.

For people who do not pay much attention to what they eating this may be sufficient. They can focus on location and ambience. They almost will find something they like on the menu.
The situation is different for people with self-imposed needs and desires or with restrictions since birth. Traditional restaurant guides offer from few to no help at all.

flexi-guide focuses exactly on this target group. The stored and searchable criteria reflect the majority of special needs. The normally expected content like menu, photos and reviews round off a fully completed location profile. This platform is therefore a perfect source for simple searchable information related to Eating suited to requirements.

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Concerned about attracting complicated guests?!

Any concerns about attracting complicated guests with your profile are unfounded. People with special eating needs are grateful if they receive specific information about your offer and your options. Thus, it is possible to obtain information in advance. It is no longer necessary to disturb staff and kitchen on site with special requests.

Rejection, incomprehension and annoyed reactions are past. Only satisfied customers, because no one has to fall back on a stopgap if the kitchen may not respond to an allergy. Couples or groups with vegetarian or vegan and mixt diet know in advance that everyone will find something to eat that they like.

You have the option to indicate clearly in your profile how far you want to go into individual needs. Make yourself a picture with our demo login (look at «Edit profile» –> «Sample dishes»).

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How does this service functioning?

  1. Register.
  2. Login with the information sent automatically to you.
  3. Complete the master data.
  4. Enter at least three sample dishes withou meat, fish, seafood or allergens (B&B one allergen-free breakfast) including information about price and ingredients. Upload a picture of your dishes.
  5. Write a free-text description for the target public of flexi-guide (optional and multilingual possible).
  6. Upload up to ten pictures (optional).
  7. Upload up to five menus (entire range is allowed), brochures and other information as PDF (optional).

See for yourself. Log in with our demo login.

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What does flexi-guide for you?

Please note that flexi-guide is available online only since end of February 2014. So we are still in the build-up process in many parts. Steve Jobs also started with Apple in a small garage a long time ago ;-)

Once your profile is fully completed and active, flexi-guide will post this for you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. We build our audience on this social media platforms, because the target group regularly visit their profiles and so our posts will also be seen and shared. Of course, we also do everything to be found on Google & Co.

If your restaurant receive a rating, you will immediately receive an e-mail for information. If necessary, you can comment this review immediately online.

flexi-guide is committed to have a high quality and actuality of the presented data. Therefore, it is possible that you will get a notification when you have not edit your profile for a certain time.

We have many ideas for the development of flexi-guide. For your benefit and in terms of interactivity with the users. But first we planned the translation of the platform in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

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What are the registering costs?

The registration, data acquisition, editing and unlock a profile on flexi-guide is absolutely free. We trade in a non-profit-mind. Our intention with this portal is other than making benefits.

No withdrawal is necessary. The user account and profile can be closed at any time online, by the registered restaurant.

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What are the goals of this guide and therefore your advantage?

We are sure to meet the spirit of the times with this offer. Deal consciously, respectfully to the environment and oneself is more than just a trend. Studies and surveys from various sources show that 50 % of the consumers and more do so. Especially well-educated people are interested in these topics. It's interesting for you to be with us from the beginning!

flexi-guide wants to be the most comprehensive international multilingual guide for restaurants, hotels, bistros, cafes, takeaways and other catering businesses for its target audience. flexi-guide wants to be the first click for searches when planning a trip or dine out for our target audience.

flexi-guide offers the opportunity to distinguish yourself among this target audience with your entry and your offer. Your business will be easier to find, because with the increasing number of profiles this guide will be more and more the first choice for planning a trip or an event. Due the regular posting of the profiles from registered establishments and other articles on various social media platforms, flexi guide stays in touch with its target audience. Last but not least your profile will be found by Google & Co..

With about half an hour initial effort and occasionally a little update you have the chance to reach additional guests. Future customers from all over the world, for whom the Internet - but above all a platform where all the needed information can be found in one place – is a big help. Ultimately, this will also influence significantly their decision for a booking or reservation.

But even more important: you are concerned about sustainable and climate friendly offers and you are proposing them. Thus you are active and with this you have a positive impact on our environment. This has also a positive effect on your image. Call attention to this; with your profile on flexi guide!

Our goal is that the offers of sustainable and climate-friendly food in catering businesses are more visible and findable. It could be that the one or the other meat eater will get into the «meatless experiment» and finds pleasure in it due to your culinary creations. In consequence of the greater demand the offers should get more extensive, creative and varied. That ultimately has a positive effect on many of our environmental problems. more...

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flexi-guide – International restaurant guide and hotel finder for flexitarians, vegetarians, vegans and allergy sufferers and people who  prefer food with organic ingredients or issued from sustainable farming